Our Mission

To become Your Go-To Partner in Accelerating Positive Impacts.

About Us

“Zen” – Continuous Improvement and Enlightenment
“Consortium” – A Partnership of Greatness

At Zen, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems facing the social development space.
Change makers can struggle to identify the right services to provide and products to build, or even developing an appropriate outreach strategy. 

Furthermore, difficulties can arise in identifying the impact of their efforts, or even determining the longevity and sustainability of their initiatives after deployment., it could also be applicable to Funders!

Where others see challenges, we see opportunities. We’re obsessively passionate about positive impacts, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

We work to provide the most actionable strategies and implementation approaches for social development and entrepreneurship initiatives, and we aim to make our services as accessible and affordable as possible. While we endeavour to partner with you in any technical capacity, many of our primary services can be summarised through our Zennovation, Zencubation, and Zensourcing offerings.

Where the Journey Began

Zen Consortium, the 100% Black Female owned social enterprise, was founded in South Africa by Neeta Ranchod and Jovi Chen in 2016. 

After spent two decades in corporate executive roles, one day pursuing a mutual calling, they both decided to leave the comfort of the corporate world and venture to become social entrepreneurs and change makers. They turned their hands to social development and strategy initiatives,with an aim to disrupt the management consulting/advisory services previously unaffordable to today’s change makers.

With just a handful of corporate and non-profit sector clients, on the backing of tangible improvements, gleaming testimonials and quality service delivery, Zen has since expanded to increase its client base and management network.

How the Journey Evolved 

Zen has worked to service demands beyond the consulting and innovation spheres by incorporating cost effective sourcing services (Zensourcing) as part of the Zen offerings. Initially catered for sourcing from China to South Africa, with the acquisition of Yakama – a leading International Trading inc., our coverage has since expanded throughout Asia and Africa. We are continuing to add more manufacturers to our book.

As Zen is actively involved in driving economic solutions, we soon discovered the high failure rates SMEs, SMMEs and Startups are facing. Some of the challenges encountered can be resolved financially, but the majority of difficulties faced can be resolved with holistic Non-Financial supporting methods.

Our Acceleration and Incubation initiative – Zencubation was born to assist in increasing the longevity and survival rates of SMEs, SMMEs and Startups, with both Financial & Non-Financial enhancement approaches.

Journey Continued

Social innovators and change makers are more important than ever before. 

In 2018 we made the exciting decision to expand our services beyond the Southern African region towards China and Europe, to reach more change makers who can benefit from our expertise. 

Our personnel are assisting international development agencies and innovators, building a clearer understanding of an otherwise complex set of fields.